My research interest lies in Human Computer Interaction, Accessibility, and Mixed Reality.

I am currently a first year Ph.D. student working with Prof. Dhruv Jain in the Accessibility Lab at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. My most recent work focus on Sound Accessibility in Virtual Reality, and I am interested in the broader HCI area in general. Prior to this, I graduated from UC Berkeley in May 2022 with Bachelors in Computer Science and Cognitive Science, and a Minor in Music. During Undergrad, I had experience doing research in VR spatial interaction and embodiment, working with Prof. Bjoern Hartmann and his PhD student James Smith. I have also worked in the Gaming Industry and the Pharma Tech Industry as a Software Engineer.


Three pictures illustrating the three steps in the user study. A red body is picking up a cube, turning, and handing off a cube to a blue body, with words Selection, Manipulation and Coordination.

Dual Body Bimanual Coordination in Immersive Environments - DIS23

James Smith, Xinyun Cao, Adolfo Ramirez-Aristizabal, Bjoern Hartmann

ACM Digital Library - Paper - Video

Dual Body Bimanual Coordination is an empirical study where users control and interact with the world through two bodies in virtual reality simultaneously. Users select and manipulate objects to perform a coordinated handoff between two bodies under the control of a single user. We investigate people's performance in doing this task, classify strategies for how they chose to coordinate their hands, report on sense of embodiment during the scenario, and share qualitative observations about user body schema.


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  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Accessibility Lab.